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Excel: Freeze Panes

Freeze panes is a great feature to use with larger worksheets.  It locks down the titles on the screen, allowing you to scroll through the data area with [..]

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Excel: Print Titles

Print Titles is a great feature for larger worksheets.  What print titles does exactly what the feature name says,  you specific which row across the top a worksheet [..]

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Microsoft Excel: Scaling a Two Page Sheet to Print on One Page

Here is a great command to use when you want to fit your worksheet onto one page. This feature will take your two page sheet and print it [..]

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Microsoft Excel: Setting Print Areas

Print Areas allow you to specify the exact area of worksheet to print out. Setting Print Areas in a Sheet: 1.  Select the are of the sheet you [..]

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Display or hide all zero values on a worksheet

 This is a common question we get asked from a lot of Excel users, how do you not display a zero in a cell.  It very simple [..]

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