Mail Chimp: Adding an Individual to Your List

1.  Start by logging into Mail Chimp.

2.  The navigation bar appears across the top of the screen.  Click on the “Lists” link.

mc list a

3.  Next you’ll be brought to the list screen.

MC List b

4.  Click on the View Button, and off of that button click subscribe.

5.  Under the list name, click Subscribe.

MC List 1

6.  And then type in the recipients information.


  • You must have this person’s permission before adding him to your list. If you add a person manually this way, there will be no double opt-in “paper trail” in case the person forgets and reports you for spamming.

7.  Click the Subscribe button and you are done.

Mail Chimp Help

Mail Chimp also has a video on how to add an individual to a mailing “list”, click here to view that video.

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