Setting Up the Email Function within QuickBooks

Use the Send Forms feature to email Invoice, Estimates, Credit Memos from within QuickBooks.  To setup the email feature within QuickBooks just follow the steps below.  Note, that if you have multiple email addresses you can select the primary email address to be used be making it the default address.

1. Select the Edit Menu, and then choose Preferences.

2.  The Preferences dialog box will open.

3.  Down the left side of the box, click on Send Forms

4.  Make sure that the My Preferences tab is selected
send form screen


A.  Use the Web Mail Option to setup a gmail, and yahoo email address

  •  Click the Web Mail option, and then click the Add button
  • Send Form II
  • File in your email address in the Email ID box, and then select the provider from the drop down list
  • The remaining information will be filled in based on the provider selected above.
  • Click OK – your done.

B.  To Use Microsoft Outlook to process your emails –

Select Outlook and click OK.

  1. Note: If you do not the Outlook option:


For assistance with determining your Incoming Email Server Address, Server Type, and the Outgoing Email Server Address.  Call C3 Solutions at 708-790-5461.

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