Manually Installing QuickBooks

Performing a hard drive installation of QuickBooks can be useful if you are experiencing problems with the normal installation process, or if you are reinstalling QuickBooks and do not want to reinstall its other Windows components.

Manually Installing QuickBooks, also know as an Install from the hard drive:

  1. Insert the QuickBooks installation CD in the drive.   If the InstallShield Wizard starts, close it.
  2. Double-click the My Computer (Windows XP or 2000) or Computer (Windows 7 or Vista) icon on your Windows desktop and double-click the CD drive letter.
  3. Right-click the QBooks folder and select Copy.
  4. Right-click an empty space on your Windows desktop and select Paste.
  5. From the CD right-click the Thirdparty folder and click Copy.
  6. Right-click an empty space on your Windows desktop and click Paste.
  7. Double-click the Qbooks folder on your desktop to open it.
  8. Double-click Setup.exe or Setup, whichever one you see depending on whether Windows Explorer is configured to show or hide file extensions. The correct file lists Application in the Type column in the window.
  9. Follow the instructions to install QuickBooks.
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