Creating Strong Passwords

The best way to protect your information is to have a strong password.  It is a simple thing to do, and here are some tips on how to create strong passwords to secure your data.  And as mentioned below, the one thing many people over look is to change their  passwords every 6 months.


Here are some tips from on
How to Create Strong Passwords


  1. Create a password with at least eight characters. The longer the password, the safer.
  2. Use both upper and lowercase letters. Mix numbers or symbols in between the letters.
  3. Don’t use a password that has any resemblance to your user name. Avoid using family members, pets or any other personal information that could be obtained easily by a thief.
  4. Change your password every six months. When changing your password, avoid using different variations of the old password. Come up with an entirely new password.
  5. Avoid writing your password down. Consider investing in a device that will hold your password and encrypt it at the same time.
  6. Try not to enter your password into a computer you don’t own. Definitely do not get online with another computer you don’t own and enter your password for financial sites.

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