WordPress: How to Link to a PDF in a Post

Below are instructions on how to upload a PDF file to your WordPress server, and then create a link to that PDF file in a post.

1.  Starting in the Post window open


3.  The “Add media files from your computer” screen appears

4.  Click on the “Select Files” button

5.  Locate the PDF File to be used in the link and click the Open button.

6.  Once the PDF uploading/crunching process has completed the PDF is now stored with your other website files.  In the Link URL text box you will find the complete link for your PDF File.

7.  Click in the Link URL text box and drag over the entire line.

8.  Right-click on the URL Link and choose Copy.  You will need to close the Add Media dialog box by clicking on the “X” in the top right corner of the dialog box

9.  Now go to your post and type in the text for the link for the PDF file.

For Example:  Event Flyer

10.  Drag over the words to link the PDF to, and click on the  Insert/Edit Link button on the toolbar.

11.  The Insert/Edit Link screen appears

12.  Right-click on the URL text box, and choose Paste.

13.  The PDF Link will appear in the URL text box.

14.  Type in your Title text, check the “Open link in a new window/tab” box  and then click Add Link button to complete the link.

Your PDF file is now linked to your text, and when the reader clicks on that link the PDF file will open in Adobe Acrobat Reader.




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