WordPress: Creating a Link in a Post

Typing a link into a WordPress post does not automatically create an active link in your post.  Below are instructions on how to create an active link in your WordPress posts.

First this example we will take a link to my website and make an active link.

1.  Type out the website address in the post

For Example:

2. Drag over the website address and click the   Insert/Edit Link button on the toolbar.

3.  The Insert/Edit Link dialog box appears

4.  Type in the URL (web address) for your link and in title box type in the text you would like to appear when your reader hovers the mouse over your link.  I also like to check the “Open Link in a new window/tab” option.  This will open the link in a new window, leaving your website open in its own separate tab.

5.  And now your link appears with the blue underline, indicating it is an active link in your post.



Note:   You can also use text as a link by repeating the steps above but instead of typing the web address into the post you can type:  “Click Here”  And then turn those words into an active link.


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