Cropping Photos using Picasa

Cropping is the process of cutting away the outside boarder from around a photo.  Below are instructions and tips on cropping a photo using Picasa.  To get Picasa go to and click here for instructions on how to download Picasa.

Starting with your photo displayed in Picasa’s home screen the Picture Library.

1.  Double click on the photo to edit.






2.  The photo will now be displayed in the Picture Tray




3.  Click on the Crop button in the “Commonly needed fixes” tab

4.  The Crop Photo window appears














5.  Select the dimension to use for the cropping of the photos.

6.  Drag over the photo area you would like to keep as the new photo.






7.  Once you release the mouse, click the Apply button to set the new photo dimensions.

Note:  You can recrop the photo by clicking the Recrop button and repeating the steps above.

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