Adding Special Effects to Your Photos Using Picasa

Use the following technique to add some fun special effects to your photos.  We are going to start with this photo and then add some special effects to this photo.

Starting with your photo displayed in Picasa’s home screen the Picture Library.

1.  Double click on the photo to edit.






2.  Click on the “Paint brush” tab to display the first set of special effects.















3.  Click on the effect you would like to apply to the photo.  For this example will be applying the “Soft Focus” feature.

4.  The Soft Focus setting appear in the left window panel.






5.  Use the “Size” meter to adjust the size of the “soft focus” area, and how out of focus that area will be by using the “Amount” meter.



Here is the next special effects tab.














Here is the final special effects tab.














And here is the final version of the photo with soft focus, sharpen and focal black & white applied to it.






To get Picasa go to and click here for instructions on how to download Picasa.

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