Importing Photos with Picasa, Google’s Photo Editors

Importing Pictures – How to Transfer your Pictures from your Camera to your Computer

1.  Plug in the USB cable into the computer and the other end into your camera

2.  The computer should already be on, now turn on your camera

3.  The “Auto Play” message box will appear on your computer screen (it may take a minute, be patient.)








4.  Click the line that states:  Copy pictures to your computer using Picasa

5.  Picasa will now start; and the Import window will be displayed with a thumb nail view of your photos.






6.  The “Clock” button next to the set of pictures will select all the pictures taken on a specific date.  This is an excellent technique for selecting all the pictures taken at your daughter’s birthday party or your day at the zoo.

NOTE: When the clock button does not work properly.   What usually happens is two events get lumped together as one.  Use the following technique to select a series of pictures: to select just one event’s set of pictures.  Click once on the first photo in the series, and then hold down the Shift key and while holding down the shift key click once on the last photo to select the entire series.  All those photos will be select, you will know this because there is a little blue outline around each of those photos.

7. Next you will need to decide where to import the selected pictures.   Type in a name  in the “Folder Title” box to create a new folder off of your My Pictures folder,



To place these pictures in an existing folder on your computer, do the following:  Under “Import to” click on the down arrow next to the “My Pictures”.  From the menu that appears, click on “Choose”





The”Browse for Folder” window appears, click on the arrow to the left of “My Pictures to expand the folder list in the “My Pictures” folder of your computer.  Click on the name of the folder you would like to add the import photos to, and then click the “OK” button

Note: the folders are in alphabetical order









8.  Next you will need to decide if you want to leave your photos on your memory card or delete them off the card.  Note: that the “Delete” feature will only remove the photos once all the photos are copied onto your computer, and it is confirmed by the program.



The “Delete Everything on card”, will delete all the photos off your memory card and then reformat the card.  Great for those memory cards that are not working properly anymore.

9.  At this point you will want to click on the “Import Selected” button, this will now transfer the pictures you selected onto your computer.   FYI: the number on the button indicates the number of pictures that will be transfer into the folder you have specified in the earlier steps.


Your pictures are now transfer to your computer.

Happy Photo Editing with Picasa.  ~~  look along the right side of my website under, “Picasa” in the Newsletter Categories for more tips on using Picasa.

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