Excel: Print Titles

Print Titles is a great feature for larger worksheets.  What print titles does exactly what the feature name says,  you specific which row across the top a worksheet you would like to print across each page of your print out.   Once the feature is turned on you no longer have to worry about copying the same titles to the top of every page.   The second page titles will only appear on the print outs and in print preview.  If you like this feature it is best pair with the Freezing Panes command.

Starting with your worksheet open:

1.  Select the Page Layout tab, and choose Print Titles




2. The Print Titles window will appear













3.  Click on the red button off to the right off “Rows to repeat at top”

4.  Your cursor is now “jumped” into your worksheet.  Drag over the rows that should be repeat on the top of every page.  Don’t worry it will not double the lines on page one.



5. You will see the number of the rows in the window.  Click the red button on the right side to return to the Page Setup window.

6.  Click OK to save the new setting.

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