Microsoft Excel: Scaling a Two Page Sheet to Print on One Page

Here is a great command to use when you want to fit your worksheet onto one page.

This feature will take your two page sheet and print it onto one.  Remember that this feature will adjust, margins, font, column width all to get your sheet to print onto one page.  This feature is not a miracle feature.  If your sheet really is 2 full pages of text, than this feature can’t work a mirage for you .  …But if you have one or two lines of your sheet printing on a second page, than this feature will solve that problem.

Starting with your sheet open

1.  Click on the Page Layout Tab.

2.  Click on the square in the lower right corner of the Page Setup section (see graphic below)





3.  The Page Setup dialog box appears












4.  Under scaling select “Fit to” and select 1 page wide by 1 page tall.












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