Facebook: Sharing a Comment on Your Business Page

Facebook gives you the ability to share a comment not only on your personal wall but also on pages that you administer.  This would be a business page or a group page that you are  the administrator on.  To see how this done, just follow the directions below.


  1. Starting in Facebook with the comment you want to share open and on the screen.



2.  Click on the Share link underneath the comment.











3.  Drop down the “Share” list in the top left corner of the dialog box.  You can choose to put the comment on your own wall, on a friend’s wall, in a group or on a page that you administer.


This example below shows that the comment will go on my personal wall, and only be displayed to those individuals I have added to my “Business Networking” list.  So not all my friends will see the comment.











Here is an example of sharing to a page.  Note that the share list, shows “On your page“, and the drop list below shows my business page that I administer.












4.  At this point all you have to do is click the “Share Link” button and the comment will be posted either to your wall or page.


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