Should You Upgrade Your Software?

Every year the software companies come out a new version of their software, bringing up the question is it time to upgrade.  Here are some of the factors to consider when upgrading your software.

Is the software company still supporting your version?
Many of the leading software manufactures stop supporting older versions of their software packages.  If your version is no longer being supported than it is a good time to upgrade.  When your software is no longer supported, it may be hard to get answers to questions you have and this can lead to possible delays and frustration if you run into a problem with the software.

What features are in the new upgrade?
If you find that the new version of your software has something that would make you more efficient or would save you time, than it is a good idea to upgrade.  If there is nothing that you see in the upgrade that inspires you to upgrade then you may want to sit this upgrade out and wait for next year’s version.   But don’t wait too long to upgrade otherwise you will be in the scenario outline above.

How long has the software been out on the market?
A good rule of thumb with upgrading is to wait at least six months before purchasing the upgrade.  Even though the companies test their software there are always some bugs that need to be fixed.  By waiting you insure that the upgrade you are getting has been thoroughly tested, and is free from problems.

And finally, before upgrading check you computer system
You should also confirm that the upgrade is compatibly with your computer hardware and the operating systems. For example, if you find that your upgrade will not run on Windows XP, now you have to look at upgrading your operating system along with a possible hardware upgrade too.

I hope that these question help you in making your upgrade decision.  Should you still find that you have questions please feel free to send me an email at

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