Creating a WordPress Post

WordPress is a great website builder that allows to add information about your business in the form of “Posts” on a blog.  It is really quite simple to add a post to your blog and here is how.

1.  Start by logging into your WordPress Website.

2.  You are now in the “Dashboard” for your WordPress Site

3. Click on the down arrow in the “Posts” bar to open the Posts section of the dashboard.




3.  The “Posts” section show now have the following options displayed below.




4. Click on “Add New” to create a new post (article) on your blog

5.   New Post window will open

6.  Now you are ready to type in your post, add your title and type in the body of the article.  You can add pictures and spell check your work too.

7.  Once you are done with your article you will want to add it to a category.  Categories help visitors find articles that interest them.








8.  Just put a check mark next to the appropriate category for this post.

9.  Next, you will want to add tags in so that search engines can find your post.



10.  Type in the keywords that relate to your post.

11.  Lastly, you will need to save your post (article) onto your blog.   This is called Publishing and can easily be done by clicking the “Publish button”.  If you would rather not have the post go live on the internet you can save it to your Dashboard (under the posts section) with the “Save Draft button”






I hope you found this post useful and wish you happy blogging.

Vivienne Porter … “Your Chicagoland Software Coach”
C3 Solutions, Inc.


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