Snipping Tool for Capturing Images

Windows XP and Windows 7 operating system come with a screen capture tool that works great to capture images on your computer screen.  Here is how to find it and use it.

I hope you like this post and it helps you spice up your files with more images.  And as a side note before you start; please stay safe, do not violate any copy right laws by capturing images that are copyrighted or that you do not have permission to use.

Locating the Snipping Program:

  1. Click on the Start button
  2. On the Start menu click inside the Search box
  3. Type “Snipping Tool” and press the Enter key
  4. The Snipping Tool appears in the match list 
  5. Click on the Snipping Tool button to open the program


Using the Snipping Tool:

  1. Start with the Snipping Tool open and the  graphic you would like to capture on your screen.
  2. Click the New button located on the toolbar inside the Snipping Tool window
  3. Drag over the graphic to capture 
  4. The Image will appear in the Snipping Tool window
  5. Click the Save button on the tool bar to save the graphic, or click the Copy button to paste the image into program.
  6. The New button clears the window for you to go on capture another graphic.


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