How to Search Bing Graphics

Microsoft has a wonderful collection of graphics online from photos to clipart.  And if you are looking for ways to find images to add to your documents, below are some easy instructions on how to use Bing, Microsoft’s Search Engine to find images.


Starting on Bing website (

Put in your search string – for example, I used American Flag – and hit the search button.

Your search results will appear below the Search box, click on STYLE in the left
toolbar and then click Clipart.










Once you decide on graphic, click on the image.


A new browser window will appear.  At this point click on the graphic again.

A full screen view of the graphic will appear.  With the mouse right-click on top of the graphic.  A short cut menu will appear.  Click on “Save Picture As”


Save the image with a useful name that you will remember, and a location that will make it easy to find in the future.

And now you have a new image to add to your documents.

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