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We’ve all done it… created an awesome presentation and found that when finished that the file size was huge!

While disk space my not be a huge issue for you, these monstrous files can be a pain to move from place to place.

Numerous pictures in a presentation will definitely inflate the file size, but the concept of making the file smaller doesn’t mean that you necessarily need to go in and reduce the number of images used.

Obviously, without actually removing the pictures there’s a limit to what we can do about the file size but there is some work we can do to make it a bit more manageable.

What I propose is that we have PowerPoint compress our pictures in order to make them smaller – changing the resolution of the picture to match what you’re actually doing with it (using it on a screen) will reduce its size. Since we’re not looking to print a masterpiece from the pictures a simple compression is not noticeable in this format.

That said, if you’re going to apply artistic effects to the picture then you may not like the outcome so in those instances you’ll have to decide if compression is the right move.

Anyway, to compress a picture (or all pictures) start by selecting it.

Now we’re off to the Picture Tools Format tab where you’ll find the Compress Pictures button.

When you click it the following dialog box will pop open.

  • If you want to compress only the selected picture then be sure that the first option is selected.
  • The second option is useful if you’ve cropped a picture and are sure that you’ll never want to try and get them back. By deleting the cropped areas you are definitely reducing the picture’s file size.

Click OK.

That’s it – when you save the file again it will be reduced in size some.

While this isn’t a miracle that will cut the file size in half it is a tool that when utilized can help manage the monstrous files.

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