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So you’ve created a website. Well Done! Now, maximize profits by turning page views into profits. By using Google Analytics, you can do just that. Read on to know more about Google Analytics and how to sign up for it.

Google has many products that enable you to make more money from your website. Some of these products are AdWords, AdSense, and Website Optimizer. Google Analytics allows you to use these products to increase your revenue. Even if you don’t use these Google offerings, Google Analytics still has quite a bit to offer. For example, it helps you target your marketing efforts. You might be wondering how much it costs…well…Google Analytics is absolutely FREE!!!

Before we show you how to sign-up for this tool, have a look at its features.

Calculate the Advertising Return-On-Investment (ROI):
This is particularly useful because many times the marketing strategy may involve several changes, such as change in website usability and using rich media. By using Google Analytics, you can compute the cost to benefit ratio and calculate the ROI.

Track the Cross Channel and Multimedia Tracking:
With Google Analytics, you can compare website usage metrics with industry averages. The tracking facility is also useful as it help you track video and social networking applications.

Data Visualization:
Google Analytics presents data, such as trends and patterns, in an easy-to-read graphical manner.

Report Customization:
This is a wonderful feature that helps you create reports and dashboards that are specific to your business scenario.

There are a number of more sophisticated features, which you can learn about later. Now, let’s see how to sign up for Google Analytics.

Sign-up for Google Analytics

To sign-up for Google Analytics, complete the following steps:

1) Go to and click the Sign Up button, as shown below.


2) After clicking the Sign Up button, the General Information page appears. In this page, there are four fields:

Website’s URL: In this field, specify in the URL of your website.
Account Name: In this field, specify an account name. Any suitable name should do the trick.
Time zone country or territory: In this field, specify your country.
Time zone: In this field, specify the time zone.


3)Click the Continue button to view the Contact Information page, as shown below. In this page, specify your Last Name, First Name, and Country.


4)Click the Continue button to view the Accept User Agreement page, as shown below. Read the User Agreement. Select the Yes, I agree to the above terms and conditions check box and then click the Create New Account button.


5)The Add Tracking page appears. Leave the default settings. Copy the code to your site and then click the Save and Finish button.


6) After you click the Save and Finish button, the following page appears. This page is displayed whenever you log into your Google Analytics account. The page contains basic data pertaining to your website.


7) To view detailed reports, click the View Reports link. The Dashboard page appears. You can view all sorts of useful information, such as how many users have visited your site and visitor profile.


The great thing about Google Analytics is that it is a relatively simple application to configure. In turn, this frees up your time to focus on revenue generating activities. So, what are you waiting for? Google Analytics is free, so go ahead and sign up.

~Rupen Sharma

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