How to safely remove USB device drive from computer

Something simple most computer users don’t know. You need to eject your USB Flash Drives before pulling them out of the port on the computer. If you do not do this you could damage the USB Flash Drive, and risk loosing all the data on it. To properly eject these drives see the article below.

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How to safely remove USB device drive from computer?


These are portable times of using USB drives. They comes real handy for quick data transfer from one electronic device to another. Just plug the USB drive and start transferring data. However, you cannot remove the USB device drive directly and need to go through “safely remove hardware” routine on the computer

Safely remove USB drive from computer

Perform following steps when you want to remove USB drive from the computer and data transfer has been completed.

1. Right click on “Safely remove hardware” icon on taskbar.


2. In new popup window, select USB Mass Storage Device and click on the stop button.
3. Then select your USB drive from the list and click on OK button.

After above steps you can physically unplug USB device drive from the computer. Above is the standard procedure and should be followed all the time while trying to remove USB drive, safely!

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