Welcome to C3 Solutions website, Your Chicagoland Software Coach

C3 Solutions is company specializing in software training, application consulting, website development and database development. Over its 20 year history, C3 Solutions has amassed a large clientele, which includes organizations of all sizes from accounting firms and teaching hospitals to manufacturers and construction companies.

Contributing to C3 Solutions success is the company’s insistence on customizing training programs, suited to users’ needs, rather than having to rely on prepackaged training materials. This level of care has resulted in a repeat customer base that continues to grow substantially through referrals.

Why Choose c3 solutions

We pride ourselves in providing the highest quality computer consulting. As a small consulting firm we can bring a personal touch, that a larger firm could not. Our staff is never constrained by a “job description”. We have a “Get the job done, and get it done right” attitude. Over the years many of our clients have thanked us for going the extra mile; being there and being patient when they needed the job done. That is why so much of our business has come from client referrals.


C3 Solutions is a quality provider of consulting services specializing in customer          specific training programs.

Our mission is to provide you with the best consulting services that will help you align your business with its technological goals to achieve a competitive advantage within your market.

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